Behind the Collection: NANalien

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Behind the Collection: NANalien


 We made it through 2020, and we couldn’t have done it without you.

To thank our wearers, readers, followers, and fans – and to send good vibes into 2021 from createdby studios HQ in Timisoara-Romania, we would like to share the story of how two different art fields came together to form a singular embodiment of music, vibes and emotions through the use of clothing and how that collaboration forever changed the way we perceive the connection between music and fashion. 


Our relationship with NANE goes back to mid 2019, when we shared our love for his music with him, sending over a couple of our AW19 pieces, developing a relationship over 2019 heading into 2020, sharing our collections every time we released, he rocked us on stages all over the country & in music videos and we are forever grateful for that. 


This story started to unfold back in June 26 2020, when NANE released his much anticipated album titled “NANalien”. 

First of all, the album is full of incredible vibes & emotions, the sound and music, the concept & message behind it are immersive and you can easily get lost between the tracks...and that’s exactly what happened to us. 

After a couple of weeks of uninterrupted listening, a concept started to form in my mind, an association between my vision and his. Jamming to his music, I started researching and putting together mood boards, colour and fabric stories, materializing my vision. After a while, I could finally see my vision become a reality, and I was able to share it with others from my circle, asking for opinions and artistic direction. 

On July 3rd 2020, the collection was finished. I successfully materialized my vision into existence and could finally see the pieces that were on my mind since the first night of listening. 

The next day I shared the concept and collection with NANE, at first, we wanted to make him a few exclusive pieces. We talked over the phone for a long minute, he could see our vision, and he trusted it. So we made a plan to share it with the world. 


The sampling process started in early AUGUST 2020, with over 50 different fabric samples, different textures and weights, it took us over one month to find the “perfect” fabrics for the collection. After we sourced the fabrics, the protoype phase started. We tested over 86 different colour dyes and combinations, until we were satisfied with these ones. The vintage feel and wash of the garment was one of the most intense and dificult process we have ever gone through. 

After meetings on meetings, samples on samples, two flights and endless phone calls, the production started on October 19th 2020. 


Behind AUTUMN-WINTER 2021 there is a strong message of being different, subverting the norm, being a “purist” in a world full of “tourists”. Feeling the need to belong somewhere, in a place that never existed. This collection is for the misfits, the non-conformists, for those who have been told that they couldn’t be who they wanted to be, for the ones that are willing to fight for their beliefs and embrace the way of being different. Be different, Be yourself. Reinvent the already existing, use the past, to re-model our future.Post-apocalyptic clothing, pieces that look long forgotten, clothes that mark the year, 2020, and all the stories that have been told that year, the story that was still being told, that marked can finally be shared... as we enter a new life chapter. MMXXI.

Thank you for taking part in this story. 

We love you !

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