Behind The Brand: CREATEDBY


The label is based in Timisoara, Romania, founded in 2018 by Nodis Ionut & Stanila Luis

The two creatives, born and raised in West Romania, founded the brand “CREATEDBY” out of a fueling passion for creation.

The brand serves the purpose of filling the gap between luxury & accessibility. Taking such an untouchable thing like luxury and making it available for everyone who wants to experience true luxury in fashion.

The Timisoara based brand, represents the misfits, the abnormals, the non- conformists, the ones who don’t fit in, the ones who are in search for freedom in creation... meaningful expression, we are giving an “abandoned” generation a voice that can be heard.

Street mixed with vision & luxury, come together to form a label that shouldn’t even exist in society's norms. Two kids who shouldn’t even call themselves “designers”, two kids who refuse to be labeled and put in a box, simply... WE ARE CREATIVES.

Within us, luxury & streetwear come together to create a voice for the YOUth.

Our end goal is to build something bigger & deeper than all of us. We strive to make people feel deep emotion, to understand problems that outcast us as a species, deeper than us.

We strive to make people feel something...without saying anything.


our co-founder getting our logo tattooed on his hand c.c.a early 2019

our co-founder getting our logo tattooed c.c.a early ©2019

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